Are you worried about a lonely family member?

Many of us have to care for a relative or aging parent and struggling with the impact on our own lives, while we work and prepare for our own retirement. YooToo helps you deal with this situation and makes it easier for you to provide the care that your family member needs.

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Whether it's putting the bins out or picking up shopping on the way - YooToo lets you create and assign tasks, helping to make sure your loved one is supported by everyone in the family pulling together.

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Peer-to-Peer Support

Sometimes you need helpful advice on a range of issues like power of attorney, applying for statutory care, inheritance tax and your rights at work while caring for a family member. 

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We know caring for a loved one as they get older can be overwhelming. This can cause stress, impact your performance at work and even lead to financial difficulties for you. More often than not the burden of care falls on one person, while others feel guilty not being able to help. Find out how YooToo can help you and your family get organised to provide care and support.

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YooToo can help ease the effort of caring for a family member

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Support on caring for someone who's lonely

Did you know that 225,000 older people in the UK often go a week without speaking to anyone?

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Signs your loved one isn't coping around the house

If you’re unsure whether your loved one is coping at home, find out what signs to look out for and how to help.

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Take a look at what activities might be in your local community to help you or your loved one stay active with age.

Help get your family member active

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Get help and support from others who've been through it all before.

Share the burden by assigning tasks to team members.

You can't be there all the time, but you can quickly and easily coordinate regular visits with other family & friends with YooToo's visit scheduling, appointment calendar, check-in & visit notes tools.  

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Make sure somebody is dropping in regularly.

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YooToo has been created in partnership by Carr Gomm (Scottish Charity SC033491) and Ember Technology.

Instant Updating for All

No more calling all the family members to tell them what's going on.

YooToo's mood & pain monitoring lets you know everythings ok.

Wellbeing & Pain Score Notifications

When you eventually get home - you need to relax. But if you have to make multiple phone calls to update everybody - that's not going to happen. YooToo keeps everybody up to date with everything at all times. 

YooToo checks in every day to see how your loved one is feeling - and this insight can be incredibly valuable - just to give you peace of mind or letting you see what's really going on.

Medication Reminders

No more missed medication

YooToo's advanced medication reminders and notification system will remind your loved one when it's time to take medications and will let you know if it's been missed.